1. Services under the Pre-packaged Insolvency Resolution Process:

PPIRP envisages a hybrid process, where pre-initiation phase is largely informal and post-initiation stage is formal. The informality at pre-initiation stage offers flexibility for the CD and its creditors to swiftly explore and negotiate the best way to resolve stress in the business, while the post-initiation stage drives value maximisation and bestows the resolution plan with the statutory protection.

Our team has expertise and technical knowledge to guide the distressed MSME’s through the PPIRP process in a swift manner which is in the interest and beneficial to all the stakeholders involved.

Services under PPRIP:

2. Voluntary Liquidation:

We provided end to end Assistance for Voluntary Liquidation Process under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, 201

  • Necessary Documentation for Solvency Affidavits and conduct of Meetings.
  • Appointment of Liquidator and support services.
  • Compliances of ROC
  • Appearance and pleading by advocates
  • Filling application to NCLT for dissolution of the corporate entity

3. Preparation and Vetting of Resolution Plan or Revival Plan:

We do an in-dept study and analysis of market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk of investment and critically evaluate these parameters for Resolution applicants to assess the bankability of the Resolution Plans or Revival Plans in respect of a company. We understand the need for intwining of strategy and Law. We provide diligent guidance to the Resolution applicant for ensuring to submit the best possible Resolution Plan.

4. Due- Diligence Services:

We provide Financial & commercial due diligence and focus on verifying financial information provided and to assess the underlying performance of the business in the areas of earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flows, debt, management.

5. Financial And Investment Advisory:

6. OTS/Restructuring of Loan:

We help the distressed Companies navigate through the distressed times and to negotiate with the Lenders and drafting requisite agreements for restructuring of Loans or entering One-time settlements with the banks.